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Hello and welcome to OAME talks. This is a place where we feature the voices of some of the speakers from our annual conference. Listen to the latest podcast (below).

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Season 6  - Talk 61:  BONUS - Mathematical Fluency

Season 6 registration is open on MCIS right now. Click on any of the tabs above to listen to previous seasons or the watch the webinars in the members only section of the OAME.on.ca website. 

What is OAMEtalks? It's a place to hear the voices from the previous OAME conference.  The main part will be in the form of webinar versions of some of the popular sessions from the previous year's conference. These webinars will be available exclusively to OAME members only (however, this year our first session will be open to all). They will be available live (mostly) on the second Wednesday of the month and then will be archived and available from the OAME website. The other part will be in the form of a podcast. This podcast will be a short conversation with each of our webinar presenters to get a preview of what their session will be about. The podcasts will be available to the general public on the Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5 or Season 6 pages and through iTunes and Google Play. This season's schedule is as follows:

Season 6

Wed Oct. 11th, 2023: Robert Durocher - Learning Math From the Land, Art and Environment:  Holistic Considerations. Stories of Math: Storytelling and (w)holism*
Wed Nov. 8th, 2023: Wing-Yee Hui, Megan Whittington - Build Fluency Using Engaging Math Routines to Create Empowered Learners **
Wed Dec. 13th, 2023: Jordan Rappaport, Elli Weisdorf - Supporting Access and Inclusion for Students with Special Education Needs**
Wed Jan. 10th, 2024 Heather Boychuk, Lance Patrie - The Slice is Right**
*Webinar open to OAME members and non members
**Webinar open to OAME members only

Season 5: 

Wed Sept. 14th, 2022: David Costello - Mathematizing Student Thinking: Broadening Our Perspective on Problem Solving
Wed Oct. 12th, 2022: Laura Gini-Newman - Assessing Mathematical Thinking: Who, What, When and How?**
Wed Nov. 9th, 2022: Dr. Andrew Allen - Exploring the Relationship between Mathematical Knowledge and Political Knowledge through Critical Mathematical Literacy**
Wed Dec. 14th, 2022: Kirsten Dyck - Nurturing Joy in Mathematics Classrooms**
Wed Jan. 11th, 2023: Michael Jacobs - Itching to Code in Grade 9**
*Webinar open to OAME members and non members
**Webinar open to OAME members only

Season 4:

Wed Sept. 8th, 2021: Jason To - Destreaming Math: Equity, Practice, and Politics*
Wed Oct. 13th, 2021: Lisa Anne Floyd - Ideas and Inspiration for J/I Support for the Coding Expectations in the Mathematics Curriculum**
Wed Nov. 10th, 2021: Carolyn Gingerich & Aleda Klassen - Using Portfolios to Develop Resilient Mathematicians in Grade 9 **
Wed Dec. 8th, 2021: Cathy Chaput - Count on Great Assessment!"**
Wed Jan. 12th, 2022: Richard Duffy & Heather Theijsmeijer - Integers: Beyond the Rules**
Wed Feb. 9th, 2022: Ruthie Sloan - Building and Assessing Spatial Reasoning Through Play**
*Webinar open to OAME members and non members
**Webinar open to OAME members only

Season 3:

Wed. Oct 14th, 2020: Ron Lancaster - A Shared Problem Solving Activity*
Wed. Nov. 11th, 2020: Chris Suurtamm & Peter Taylor - Animations of Exponential Growth in the Secondary Classroom**
Wed. Dec 9th, 2020:  Ian VanderBurgh - Adventures in Problem Solving**
Wed. Jan. 13th, 2021: Tara Flynn & ShelleyYearley - Unit Fractions Unlock Learning!**
Wed. Feb. 10th, 2021: Ruthie Sloan - Building and Assessing Spatial Reasoning Through Play - Cancelled
*Webinar open to OAME members and non members
**Webinar open to OAME members only

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Season 2:

Wed. Oct. 16th, 2019: Jules Bonin-Ducharme - Tell me your mathematical story! (English)*
Thurs. Oct. 17th, 2019: Jules Bonin-Ducharme - Raconte-moi ton histoire mathématiques! (French)*
Wed. Nov. 13th, 2019: Matt Baker - Joining the Global Math Teacher’s Lounge**
Wed Dec. 11th, 2019: Jennifer Wilson & Liz Ramirez - #SlowMath: Cultivating Conversation**
Wed. Jan. 15th, 2020 ##New Date##: Kaneka Turner - Beyond the Invitation: Lesson Structure and Routines that Foster Agency and Equity**
Wed. Feb. 12th, 2020: Alex Overwijk & Jimmy Pai - Manage Flow and Let Go!**
Wed. Mar. 11th, 2020: Liisa Suurtamm & Christine LeBeau - A Fusion of Math and Special Education**
*Webinar open to OAME members and non members
**Webinar open to OAME members only

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Season 1:

Wednesday Dec. 12th, 2018: Kyle Pearce & Jon Orr - Going Deeper With Memorable Math Moments
Wednesday Jan. 9th, 2019: Marian Small - Teaching with Intention: Focusing on What Matters
Wednesday Feb. 13th, 2019: Fawn Nguyen - What If We’ve Been Teaching Mathematics All Wrong?
Wednesday Mar. 20th, 2019: Mark Chubb - Building your Students' Mathematical Intuitions

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