Season 4

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Talk 28: Count on Great Assessment!

Cathy Chaput

Show notes:

OAME 2020 Session Description: See your students through a new lens! Assessment in mathematics can be energizing and rewarding using practical and efficient strategies that provide maximal information in a minimal amount of time. This session will share current research on using diagnostic, formative and summative assessment and provide practical tips and strategies that you can implement easily and quickly - even when using games and stories! Classroom-tested ideas will support you in bringing all of your learners into focus and using this perspective to make next steps easy to follow.

Live Webinar: Dec. 8th, 2021, 8PM EST (Register now on MCIS)

Podcast Notes: Recorded Nov 2021. Cathy is a Program Coordinator at the Wellington Catholic District School Board and Tweets at @ChapCat

Talk 27: Using Portfolios to Develop Resilient Mathematicians in Grade 9

Carolyn Gingerich & Aleda Klassen

Show notes:

OAME 2020 Session Description: We are trying "growth portfolios" throughout our Grade 9 courses as tools for students to reflect on their development as mathematicians. By prioritizing the mathematical processes and social and emotional learning, we hope to empower more resilient learners. We'll share how we are taking our gradeless classrooms to a different level by developing in our students the skills to monitor their own progress and reflect on their own growth.

Live Webinar: Nov. 10th, 2021, 8PM EST (Register now on MCIS)

Podcast Notes: Recorded in Oct 2021. Carolyn is a Secondary Teacher (focusing on Grade 9 Destreamed Math as well as ELD Math) with the WRDSBB and Tweets at @gingerich_c, Aleda is a Secondary Itinerant Teacher Coach (teaching and supporting Grade 9 Destreamed Math) at the WRDSB and Tweets at @AledaKlassen

Talk 26: Ideas and Inspiration for J/I-support for the coding expectations in the new mathematics curriculum

Lisa Anne Floyd

Show notes:

OAME 2021 Session Description: Join Lisa Anne as she shares ideas and inspiration to help junior and intermediate (grades 4-8) teachers incorporate the Coding Skills from the new Ontario 1-8 Mathematics Curriculum (2020) into their practice. Sample applications and resources that incorporate multiple math strands will be highlighted.

Live Webinar: Oct 13th, 2021, 8PM EST (Register now on MCIS)

Podcast Notes: Recorded Sept 2021 - Lisa Anne is currently on maternity leave but will be returning to the TVDSB as the gr 9-12 math learning coordinator and Tweets at @LisaAnneFloyd. TVO's Coding in the Classroom Resource can be found here.

Talk 25: Coding in the Classroom September 2021

Pekka Reinio

Show notes:

Description: This is our first companion podcast to the new Coding in the Classroom column of the OAME Gazette. Hosts Iain Brodie and Beyza Sezer interview teacher-librarian Pekka Reinio. OAME members can see the full column in the September 2021 issue of the Gazette.

Podcast: Listen above, or subscribe or download this podcast direct from iTunes or Google Play

Podcast Notes: Recorded Spring 2021 Links mentioned in the podcast include the Makecode Arcade and Pekka’s YouTube Channel. Iain has been an elementary school educator for 28 years, and is now into a second career, teaching in-service and preservice teachers. He teaches face-to-face at Ontario Tech University and virtually at Western University. He Tweets at @IainBro. Beyza is a former teacher and long-term researcher. She is currently a graduate student in education at Western University, and her research focus is the integration of computational thinking into mathematics education. Both are editors of the Math+Code ‘Zine. Pekka is a teacher-librarian in the Simcoe County District School Board. He Tweets at @PekkaReinio.

More info can be found at

Talk 24: Destreaming Math: Equity, Practice, and Politics

Jason To

Show notes:

Description: This session will highlight several concrete pedagogical practices for developing more equitable learning spaces in a new destreamed environment using Rochelle Gutierrez's four dimensions of equitable math education. As politics of power and privilege are inextricably connected to policy shifts that address equity, this session will also touch upon those dynamics as they relate to math programming and suggest possible responses. This session will be geared towards math leaders (department heads, school administrators, instructional coaches, etc.) who will play important roles to ensure that destreaming math addresses societal inequities as intended.

Podcast: Listen above, or subscribe or download this podcast direct from iTunes or Google Play

Live Webinar: Sept 8th, 2021, 8PM EST (Register now on MCIS)

Podcast Notes: Recorded Aug 2021 Jason is the Coordinator for Secondary Math and Academic Pathways with the Toronto District School Board and Tweets at @Jason_To. Jason’s video on the History of Streaming in Ontario can be found here.

Coming soon-Talk 29: Integers: Beyond the Rules

Heather Theijsmeijer & Richard Duffy

Show notes:

OAME 2020 Session Description: As young learners, children spend years developing sense of number as well as the ability to count efficiently, as a foundation for higher operations. However when we introduce students to integers, we often jump right into operations without laying that same solid foundation with students' sense of negative numbers. This results in students often confusing the "rules" for adding and subtracting integers throughout the intermediate grades, and without the ability to judge the reasonableness of their solutions. Join us as we restore the balance between using integer rules efficiently and being able to reason through problems using multiple representations, by looking at a new twist on time-honoured number sense activities. Appropriate for grade 6-10 teachers.

Live Webinar: Jan 12th, 2022, 8PM EST (Register now on MCIS)

Coming soon-Talk 30: Building and Assessing Spatial Reasoning Through Play

Ruthie Sloan

Show notes:

OAME 2020 Session Description: Given the recent surge of research and resources in spatial reasoning, this workshop will focus on digging deeper into looking at where to start and how to cultivate and assess spatial thinking in a K-3 classroom. Taking a hands-on approach, this workshop will include a range of invitations for learning that explore aspects of spatial thinking (such as symmetry, orienting, coding, composing/decomposing shapes etc.) as wells as assessment tools to help guide thinking.

Live Webinar: Feb 9th, 2022, 8PM EST (Register now on MCIS)

Coming soon-Talk 31: Financial Literacy in Elementary Math: Lessons from the OAME/AFEMO project Reasoning Through Play

Lisa Rossiter-Thornton & Anne Prevost

Show notes:

OAME 2020 Session Description: OAME and AFEMO have had teams of classroom teachers writing new lesson and assessment plans for Ontario teachers since the revised elementary curriculum was released in 2020. In this session, your hosts will provide an overview of how to support your students to meet the new Financial Literacy expectations, and we will walk you through some of the highlights of the resources that have been produced for these expectations. Since all resources are available in English and in French, presenters will attempt to answer your questions in either language.

Live Webinar: Mar 9th, 2022, 8PM EST (Register now on MCIS)